Democratic Lawmaker Says Clinton Probes Not Significant to Americans

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders discussed a very wide-range of topics during the PBS debate, but seemingly missing  were questions from moderators and Bernie Sanders about the government’s investigation into Clinton’s email scandal and the Clinton Foundation.

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, Congressman Jim Himes, (D-Conn.), said that’s not what’s important to the American people.

“It’s a very significant story to Hillary’s opponents… What the American people care about is the economy, ISIS, taxes, terrorism… putting their kids through college,” he said.

He also discussed why Bernie Sanders may not have brought up the issue.

“A big part of his brand of course and his sense of authenticity around Bernie Sanders is that he is a man of high principle -- he outlines these ideals. Several weeks ago having said in very, very specific terms that we should get away from these as he put it “damn emails.” He added, “It would be quite a flip flop and sort of change of pace for the man who came and sort of featured that in his subsequent debate.”

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