Democrat leaders seem stuck in a time warp: Stuart Varney

Capitol Building Dawn AP FBN

It’s a con job. A slap in the face of the future, says Nancy Pelosi, referring to the budget. The worst in his 37 years in Congress, says Steny Hoyer. Democrat leaders, who have been in Congress for decades, seem stuck in a time warp. They can't shake the past.

But ever so gradually, the times are changing: President Trump won big with that budget vote. Yes it was a narrow win, and the GOP is badly divided, but it was a win, and it opens the door to tax cuts and growth. That’s the big change...growing the economy is the heart of the Trump presidency, and it’s beginning to take hold. That’s a shift, and Democrats are being left behind.

Mr. Trump is actually getting help from the left: where is their growth plan? They have a redistribution plan, straight from the Obama playbook, but it didn't work then and it won't work now. They have no new ideas.

And Mr. Trump is getting help from the always apoplectic media. They are so obviously biased. How about this headline in today's Trump-hating Washington Post: "Will the media's anti-Trump fever ever break?" No, it won't, and the writer says if they keep this up, they'll be dismissed as just another partisan interest group. Endless contempt for the president does not work.

And, Mr. Trump is now getting help from Hillary! She is now the focus of attention for election shenanigans. And soon we'll find out a whole lot more about Russia and the Clintons, instead of Russia and Trump.

Who would have thought?

Come congressmen, senators head to the call! Don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall. For the times they are a changin’.