DeMint launches initiative to push more Republicans to the Right

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Conservatives lose themselves once in Congress: Fmr. Sen. DeMint

Former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) on launching a new initiative to push more Republicans to the right.

Former South Carolina lawmaker Jim DeMint said once conservatives get to Congress they have no support system.

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“Once you get here, you are in a fox hole, everybody is firing at you, everything in Washington is pushing you against your conservative principals,” he told Neil Cavuto on FOX Business.

The former Republican senator has launched an effort to help them succeed.

“What we are doing with the Conservative Partnership Institute is creating a support group to help identify and train good staff, place them in offices, educate the members on procedures and then work to convene [conservative] members of the house and senate so they can develop a better way to be effective and constructive and actually get things done,” he said.

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He said Conservatives face threats within the house and senate over their views.

“If you try to do things like limit government or balance the budget or reduce spending, you’re considered a Neanderthal both in the house and senate,” he said, “but they can make it very painful for you and that’s why people don’t stay conservative,” he added, that this can impact fundraising efforts and make it hard to get on committees. “Case-Street that supports the party may actually run ads against you in your reelection.”

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