DeJoria: Clinton’s Tax Plan Eliminates Incentives for Americans

Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump once again during a rally on Monday, this time saying the real estate mogul turned GOP nominee has a history of treating contractors poorly.

“I have heard so many stories of contractors… who worked for him, produced the goods and services and never got paid for what they were owed. I’m talking about painters, and plumbers, piano sellers, architects, glass installers—he’s stiffed them all. Not because he couldn’t pay them, but he wouldn’t pay them.”

Billionaire entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria joined the FOX Business Network to weigh in on the debate.

“If they did a lousy job, you chat with them a little, but you negotiate what the job was worth,” DeJoria said. “But you don’t totally stiff them, that’s just not the thing to do.”

But, he added: “I think one thing people aren’t really bringing out, which I think could be interesting, was the people that he didn’t pay—was that around the same time when he took that huge loss off his income tax? Could it be he didn’t have the money to pay him? Just a thought. Obviously I think people should be paid.”

And regarding Trump’s business losses, DeJoria said whatever the circumstances were, it’s not a big deal.

“For example, I pay millions of taxes every year and take every write off I can but I still pay millions upon millions in taxes every year," he said. "If somebody had a major loss and was able to take that major loss legally as a write off, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Because he legally had a loss, he legally took it. I don’t know whether he paid any other taxes over those years in question—between then and now. But he sure paid taxes on property and many, many other things.”

The billionaire, who co-founded Paul Mitchell Systems and the Patron Spirits Company, also shared his thoughts regarding the tax plans of both presidential candidates.

“I’ve looked at Hillary’s tax plan—I can’t believe it. It takes the incentive out of Americans. I look at Donald Trump’s tax plan and it’s workable. His plan is workable.”