‘Deep state conspiracy’ to take down Trump tainted the Mueller investigation?

FBI agent Peter Strzock, a former investigator in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race, was reassigned to the human resources office over the summer after sending anti-Trump text messages to FBI colleague Lisa Page.

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney suggested on “Varney & Co.” that this was part of a “deep state conspiracy” that has tainted Mueller’s investigation.

Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager and author of “Let Trump be Trump,” weighed in on the scandal, agreeing with Varney.

“Stuart, you are 100% correct on this and the fact that this guy Peter is still working for the FBI and has now moved to the human resources department is everything that’s wrong with the ‘deep state.’  He clearly had his own agenda.”

According to Lewandowski, Strzock and Page were trying to stop Trump during the campaign.

“He and Lisa were having some type of illicit affair between each other and plotting to what seems to be to take down President Trump, or at minimum, give Hillary Clinton a free pass.”

Lewandowski then called on Mueller to reassess who is a part of his probe.

“I think Bob Mueller needs to take a good, long, deep look at the people who are a part of his investigation team and if they gave money to the Clintons, if they were a part of the Clinton cabal, if they were at the election night celebration.”