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Davos: The Lull Before Tomorrow's Storm

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Spent the day getting my credentials from the Kongress Center (yes, that’s with a ‘K’) and checking out our roof-top location which is between CNN’s tent and Eurovision’s.

You MUST join me LIVE at 11a.m. ET Wednesday for our first interview with a guy who rarely gives interviews. You very possibly don’t know his name but you should.

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Oleg Deripaska bristles when you call him a Russian Oligarch -- he prefers “CEO of RUSAL,” the world’s largest aluminum company. He also has part ownership in other metals companies, including nickel giant Norilsk.

This man is low-key but a big thinker. I met him last year at one of the Davos parties and thought, “I’ve got to get him on the show” because just about every skyscraper being built in China has RUSAL aluminum in it. He’s met with General Motors (NYSE:GM), and he’s big in Guinea where RUSAL is building a bauxite plant. Deripaska is EVERYWHERE -- but the U.S. won’t give him a visa.

Let’s hear what he has to say about that, and about global industrial demand -- and why, according to a recent study, companies are still afraid to do business with the Russians.

There was a lot of chatter in town today about actress Charlize Theron speaking at the opening ceremony here tonight called The Crystal Awards. I was at a party for the Indian conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra because we’ve got CEO Anand Mahindra on Friday so I couldn’t attend the opening ceremony, but the scoop is that Theron blasted out of the ceremony without meeting, greeting, or shaking hands. Not exactly the Davos way.

We’ll see if Yankee great Derek Jeter is nicer. Yes, you read that correctly, MLB star Jeter is the main guest at the Pepsi (read: Gatorade) luncheon tomorrow in town.  More Swiss probably know who Martin Brodeur or Anze Kopitar are than Jeter, but it’s time to learn, people.

I’m heading for bed but come hang out with us on the roof of the Kongress Center for all the action starting tomorrow on FOX Business!