Conway on Boeing 737 Max investigation: Let DOJ, FBI conduct probe

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, said on Thursday that the Department of Justice and FBI should handle the Boeing 737 Max plane crisis.

“I think this is all very new,” she told FOX Business’ Maria Baritormo in response to the U.S. being one of the last countries to ground the jets. “We don’t interfere in investigations like this; let the Department of Justice and FBI handle it independently and we’ll be watching.”

U.S. Justice Department officials have reporedly issued subpoenas as part of its criminal inquiry into the Federal Aviation Administration’s certification of Boeing 737 Max jets following crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia. The FBI also joined the investigation.

Trump last week ordered the U.S. to ground all of the new jets three days after numerous other countries shut them out of their airpsace.

In Conway’s opinion, this was the “right action to take.”

The Boeing 737 Max is among the most widely used planes across the world because of its ability to provide a sizeable amount of fuel savings. It is also the fastest-selling aircraft in Boeing's history, with more than 5,100 orders.

Following the crisis Boeing investors shaved more than $25 billion off its market value.