Consensus will be reached on health care: Dr. Ben Carson

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Nobody on Medicaid is being thrown off a cliff: Ben Carson

U.S. HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on the department’s budgetary cuts and how the GOP health care bill will affect Medicaid.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Tuesday discussed what the government’s role in our health care system should be and why he believes the GOP health bill is a step forward from ObamaCare.

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“There is a role, but it’s not a predominant role. It’s a facilitating role and I think the Senators as they look at this they will come to recognize that this is much more facilitative of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than what we had before,” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto.

Carson compared the GOP health care bill to Trump’s economic agenda, which plans to cut funding from HUD’s budget. Many Democrats believe that the cuts to HUD’s budget will ‘throw’ people onto the streets because many people won’t be able to afford their rent without government assistance.

“Let’s see if anyone gets thrown out into the streets, I will be very surprised if that happens and we will address that immediately if we see any such thing. It’s the same thing with the new medical bill, people are saying that people are going to be pushed off the cliff and things like that, nobody on Medicaid for instance is being thrown off of it,” he said.

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The former presidential candidate argues that politicians spend more time talking about what can’t work rather than what does work when it comes to setting policies in Washington.

“In the end there will be consensus here. Particularly as people begin to understand that this is a work in process and again I would offer to the Democrats to begin to think about how we can make it work, not how it doesn’t work,” he said.

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