Comey's only ‘higher loyalty’ is to himself: Kennedy

James Comey's forthcoming book is causing all sorts of reactions. Liberals are squealing at the prospect of this tell-all acting as the rock that finally brings down that coarse, white house goliath. Witnesses to Sunday night's George Stephanopoulos interview were said to have been in shock by the 5 hour chat, and chief of staff John Kelly was, according to Comey, so dismayed at his firing he almost quit in protest. Again. For the 74th time.

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Stormy Daniels has a better shot of taking down the president with her machine gun jubblies than this self-serving, gutless giraffe.

Everyone thought Michael Wolff’s book was going to so damage the presidency Mr. Trump would quit in shame when some of it's *milder* contents were revealed. That didn't happen. Wolff sold some copies in this booming cottage industry, but in the end even he had to admit he's not a journalist.

Comey reportedly spilled so many beans to George Stephanopoulos the two could start a burrito-of-the-month club. I picture them lying side-by-side in a messy bed, basking in their broadcast afterglow and Comey whispering "I've never told anyone this before..." it'll be like watching an hour long penthouse letter.

If Comey were interested in a higher loyalty, he would've come forward, before Congress, with all he knew and made plain his case in order to save the country. Instead he nabbed a book deal, dusted off his naughty memos and proceeded to embellish like a kid on prom night who got turned down by every girl on the dance floor.

Comey's only "higher loyalty" is to himself, and his narcissistic grandstanding does very little to protect and serve the country that he made wait for a year for these precious facts to finally find sunlight. That's not the basis for a memoir, that's a mental illness.