Comey should be held to same standard as Hillary Clinton: Dershowitz

President Trump on Monday accused former FBI Director James Comey of breaking the law after a report said more than half of his recorded memos contained classified information.

However, former Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said before jumping to conclusions, review the facts.

“President Trump is making the same mistake that his critics make…he’s rushing to judgment about whether something is illegal and second he’s trying to criminalize political differences. He doesn’t like Comey…But I’m not so sure that what he did was illegal,” Dershowitz said during an interview on FOX Business.

Dershowitz said Comey should be held to the “same standard” as he “held Hillary Clinton to” over the classified email scandal. In his opinion, Comey should be investigated.

“You need to get clearance before you publish anything. You learn as the director of the FBI, you can’t just make that decision yourself. He not only made it, but he made it and hid it…To hide it sounds like an admission that he was doing something wrong,” he said.