Comey hearing engrosses D.C.-I know him, I like him, but Trump was right to fire him: Former U.S. attorney

Former U.S. attorney Matt Whitaker says he knows and likes former FBI Director James Comey, but believes President Trump was right to fire him. “I know him [Comey] well.  And what I do know though is if you read [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein’s memo that outlined the basis for firing Jim that he was accurate.”

Whitaker told the FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney that Comey’s politicization of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal as a key concern.“Comey at the time, took the Hillary Clinton email server situation and made it not just a denial of prosecution but made it kind of a little bit of a political circus and ultimately did things inconsistent with not only FBI policies but also FBI traditions.”

Whitaker says Comey went beyond the perimeters of his job, saying, “He took the role of the Department of Justice and the Attorney General and made it his own and he explained why a prosecutorial decision was made which was not his role to make.”

Comey has said he did that because he did not trust the meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton. Whitaker responded, “I think Jim was correct in that analysis but it still wasn’t his role and he stepped into a place where it just, you know, he was doomed by the criticism he was going to receive.”