Comey got a slap on the wrist for wrecking the FBI: Kennedy

James Comey is a corrupt, narcissistic weirdo. We all know this. But leave it to follicly adventurous House Oversight Committee Chair Trey Gowdy to use his prosecutorial prose to put a fine point on the world's biggest dullard.

All of this is right and true, but what happens now? It was Comey who wrecked the FBI and allowed this witches brew of biased managers to simmer and boil over when things didn't go as he planned. His underlings may have been averse to a Trump presidency, but the only bias Comey expressed was anything that furthered his self-interest and fed his goofy messiah complex. His disparate reactions to perceived lawlessness from two presidential candidates show how compromised he was, and is, and even though he's out of the top job his ubiquity and garden variety blowhardness make it impossible to move past him and heal the once great agency.

James Comey was fired, but that is not adequate punishment for a man who murdered the bureau with his bare, clammy hands and all will not be right until he pays for all that he's done wrong.