Comey dropped Clinton, Lynch bombshell at testimony, fmr. FBI assistant director Gavin says

Former FBI Assistant Director Bill Gavin on Thursday said the biggest bombshell from former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was the revelation that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch urged him to classify the Hillary Clinton email probe as a "matter" and not an "investigation."

“When she [Lynch] told him [Comey] not to call this an investigation, but to call it a matter, this was a nefarious way of her making sure that the bureau and Jim Comey’s investigators had no way of obtaining subpoenas to subpoena people before a grand jury, because you are not going to subpoena them off the kind of moniker that she put on this investigation,” Gavin told FOX Business, adding that Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election was another crucial detail coming out of the hearing.

During the testimony, Comey said that the Arizona airport tarmac meeting between Lynch and former president Bill Clinton was a “deciding factor” in his decision to update the public on the Hillary Clinton email probe.

“That was the thing that kept it for me that I had to do separately to protect the credibility of the investigation, which meant both the FBI and the Justice Department,” Comey told the Senate committee.

Eric O’Neill, a former FBI counterterrorism operative and Carbon Black National Security Strategist, told FOX Business’ Connell McShane that what has been lost from Comey’s testimony is Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election.

“We have to be concerned with foreign intelligence services that are launching cyberattacks at us,” he said, adding that “while we are looking back at this investigation of what happened during the election, Russia is planning their next attack and the next one after that.”