Comedian Michael Loftus: Voting for Trump will impact my career

‘Conservative’ has often been seen as a dirty word in Hollywood, so comedian Michael Loftus made headlines when he admitted he voted for President Donald Trump.

“In the audience people all crack up because they all did the same thing, everybody lied, they’re like, ‘I’m not gonna, no, not Trump, get out of here.’ And then they all did it, they all voted for him,” Loftus told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

On the other hand, Loftus says he gets a different reaction from fellow comedians.

“From my peers, they’re all like waiting to see what will happen. It’s crazy that you admit that you voted for Donald Trump and it’s news, it’s news, how could someone in the entertainment business have voted for Trump?”

According to Loftus, he voted for Trump because he believes in smaller government.

“Because big government is never the solution, Donald Trump was not Hillary Clinton. I’m like Ronald Reagan, when somebody says, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help,’ I run screaming. So I always want the guy who’s going to give me less,” said Loftus, who hosts a TV show, “The Flipside With Michael Loftus,” and a podcast called “The Loftus Party.”

Although his admission hasn’t affected his career yet, Loftus said on “Varney & Co.” that he expects it will have an impact.

“However, I think I’ve been working in clubs and working on TV long enough that people know I’m a rational human being and I’m not crazy nor am I a Nazi, so hopefully my work will speak for itself,” he said.