College students on board with Trump’s tax plan, if they think it’s Bernie Sanders’ plan

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Students support Trump's tax plan when told it’s Bernie Sanders’

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform discusses what college students said about President Trump’s tax plan when they were told it was Bernie Sanders’. Media Director Cabot Phillips spoke to students on the campus of The George Washington University, giving them details of President Trump’s tax plan under the guise that it was Bernie Sanders’ to see how they would react to it.

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“It’s amazing, this plan was so compassionate, it was caring, it was common sense, but they find out it’s Trump’s plan they say, ‘well, there must be something…that it’s wrong,’” Phillips told Stuart Varney on the FOX Business Network’s “Varney & Co.”

Phillips says the students had a very different reaction upon discovering that the plan being described was actually Trump’s.

“I first asked them, I said, ‘What do you think of Trump’s tax plan?’ They said, ‘It was evil, it only benefits the rich.’ And I actually read them the Trump tax plan as Sanders’ and they come out and support it.”

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According to Phillips, free speech on campuses is under attack, telling Varney, “This is what happens when professors [and] administrators convince students, you don’t need to look at the facts, just look at which party is putting this forward and on college campuses, it’s the left. You have to support it and if you support conservative causes or legislation you are evil, you are bigoted, you are hateful.”

Phillips says students even face potential consequences for not supporting the liberal agenda.

“So students feel as if they have to go along with this narrative or else they’ll be called all these things and they actually face repercussions in the classroom if they don’t go along with the liberal agenda.”

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