CNN, Washington Post could win Olympic medals for being delusional: Kennedy

U.S. snowboarders have been crushing it at the winter Olympics, but propaganda has been flattening otherwise rational minds so far in South Korea. If delusion were a sport, CNN and the Washington Post would have platinum medals for their fawning over North Korean appeasing murderess Kim Yo Jong.

Tongues are still wagging about the portly despot's little sister, who publicly glorifies murder as the head of the "propaganda and agitation" arm of the government, as stateside news outlets conveniently forget the silent cries of the American student Otto Warmbier and millions of North Koreans who have been bludgeoned, beaten and starved into the murderous big sleep. It's amazing the lengths people will go to shorten their memories in order to prove wrong a political foe.

A lot of people in the press loathe the president and they hate that he beat Hillary at her own electoral game. Therefore, anything he says, does or stands for must be undone in order to prove she's rightly their dear leader.

This includes North Korea. The president has taken a harder line on the Hermit Kingdom than any of his recent predecessors, whose strategic patience and sunshine acquiescence did little more than force more North Koreans into labor camps and early graves during bold, bird-flying nuclear proliferation.

It remains to be seen if presidential taunts and childish insults bring a lasting shift and possible denuclearization, but the fact that there are talks about talks and diplomacy is still floating before us like a pork chop in a hunger-induced fever dream is surprisingly good news.

I would say the same thing for ham-handed propagandizing as I would for drum beats and war mongering: Don't fall for it. Rooting against our president is never a reason to appease and normalize an active, genocidal brute who wants journalists deader than most. Kim Jong Un kills his own people, including babies and entire families. It is not necessary to prop him up for a chance to verbally assassinate this president to settle a score.