Clinton's dirty dossier is backfiring: Varney

Hillary Clinton Tech Conference RTR FBN

Surrounded by scandal, Hillary Clinton is desperate. So she's changing the subject.

She is trying to divert attention. She says the Republicans are "imploding" and are captive to the far right.

This diversion won't work because new developments in two scandals put Hillary in a very tight corner.

First, the Justice Department will allow an informant to testify before Congress. He will tell what he knows about the Russians trying to get close to the Clintons with that uranium deal. That could be a crack in the wall of silence that has protected the Clintons for years.

Second, the Clinton 2016 campaign is now accused of breaking campaign finance laws. It is alleged the campaign did not tell the truth about the $5 million it spent to get that dossier of dirt. They called it payment for legal services. As her campaign guy, Brian Fallon reluctantly admitted, Hillary may have known about this.

This is serious stuff, and it’s not going away. No matter how much Democrats want her to stay out of the public eye, she can't. When you stand accused, and new information is flowing thick and fast, you are in the news, like it or not.

So the tactic now is to divert. Throw it back into the Republicans’ court. And the media is complicit: hardly a word about the uranium scandal, and very limited coverage of Democrats paying for and instigating a very dirty dossier trick.

This is important because the whole thrust of the Russia, Russia, Russia story has changed. Instead of being an excuse to impeach President Trump, it has become a vehicle that could lead to the indictment of candidate Clinton!