Clinton Supporter Tom Baer: Trump is in Over his Head

During an interview with the Fox Business Network’s Liz Claman, Hillary Clinton Supporter and Democratic Strategist Tom Baer discussed some of Clinton’s family history and why presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump should not be the next president.

Baer believes that Clinton’s family history, has given her the motivation to become a stronger politician and presidential candidate.

“She stands on the shoulders of her mother, Dorothy, who as an eight-year-old went from Illinois to California with her young sister because that home had broken up. And that inspires Hillary, not just to do what she’s doing, but to spend a lifetime helping women and girls,” he said.

Baer explained why he doesn’t trust Trump.

“First of all, a lot of what [Trump] says, frankly, are lies” and “He’s been hanging out with a bunch of Clinton haters and they filled him full of junk, which is what you’re going to hear,” he said.

Baer also called Trump a landlord without the same amount of political experience as Hillary Clinton.

“Today we’ve reported this gross tragedy in Israel [shooting at Tel Aviv market]. Who would you rather have in the Oval Office dealing with this, Donald Trump, a landlord, that’s all he’s ever done in his life or Hillary Clinton with her experience,” he asked.

Baer added “…at the end of the day, the decision by Americans as to who to vote for is going to be made based upon what’s best for America and best for them,” and “He [Donald Trump] is so over his head, it’s kind of sad,” he said.