Clinton Rails Against Corporate America

Clinton: Consumer protection will be top priority

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton discusses how she will protect consumers if she becomes president.

During a rally in Toledo, Ohio on Monday, Hillary Clinton said consumer protection would be a top priority in her administration.

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“Today I want to send a clear message to every boardroom, every executive suite across America—If you scam your customers, exploit your employees, pollute our environment, or rip off taxpayers – we will find [a] way to hold you accountable,” she said.

The former Secretary of State used Wells Fargo’s fraudulent sales practices as an example.

“It is outrageous that 8 years after a cowboy culture on Wall Street, wrecked our economy, we are still seeing powerful bankers playing fast and loose with the law,” she said.

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Clinton also gave credit to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

“The agency has already returned $11 billion to more than 15 million Americans who were ripped off by predatory lenders, credit card companies and others. And it is the one making sure that the defrauded Wells Fargo customers get their money back,” she said.

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