Clinton Fundraiser: It'd Be a Shame for U.S. Business if TPP Isn't Passed


Clinton fundraiser says the ‘real’ Hillary has yet to come out

Greycroft Partners Founder and Hillary Clinton donor Alan Patricof weighs in on when the ‘real’ Hillary will come out to the public.

One Hillary Clinton fundraiser says the “real” person has not really come out so far on the campaign trail.

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Despite the negative light that some leaked WikiLeaks emails have shed on the former Secretary of State, Alan Patricof said he believes Americans will see a more “nuanced individual” if she were to be elected President.

“It will come out when she is President Clinton, because she has a very warm personality, she’s very relaxed as a person, she does not need to be programed, she’s her own person and she’s very, very smart, has her very good ideas. And I think that unfortunately, being on camera all the time, she has to be a lot more circumspect about every single word and every action,” he explained.

Patricof used the example of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to emphasize his point.

“I think she will find some areas that can be hopefully improved and declare victory and say ‘I’ve got what I wanted. This is a better deal than we had originally.’ There are some things that obviously people would like to see improved.”

On a personal note, he said: “I think if we don’t pass TPP… I think it will be a real shame for American business and it will be fighting in a world with one hand behind our backs.”

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