Clinton email scandal was a miscarriage of justice: Kennedy

What did Comey know and when did he know it?

Creepy Giraffe, disgraced Former FBI Director James Comey, drafted Hillary Clinton's exoneration two months before he interviewed her in the criminal investigation. It appears the troubled button man had a political S&M fetish: he wanted to both punish Hillary and set her free.

Even though she had lied repeatedly and publicly about the motivation for and execution of her email server—she smashed devices, trashed evidence and wrangled her staff into shady immunity agreements—the director decided long before the investigation's natural conclusion that Hillary was innocent.

Not since OJ's acquittal has there been such a miscarriage of justice. And they have so much in common: a couple of above-the-law, narcissistic white women.

Who used their legal connections to wiggle out of the noose?

As batches of questionable emails rolled out from a reluctant state department and it became obvious the server was the washing machine in the Clinton Foundation money laundering scam, it was also obvious that Hillary was guilty of something. Not careless, not negligent, guilty. The presidency was on the line, which meant it was more probable than possible Hillary - this law-breaking, rule-skirting, favor-selling wretch - would be our next commander-in-chief.

Instead of protecting the country from someone who so easily and greasily side-steps the rules, Comey laid out a slip-n-slide right up the White House lawn. He must've hated the idea of a Trump presidency so much, that even his decades-long disdain for the first family of Arkansas wasn't enough for him to blindly administer the brand of agnostic justice he was obligated to uphold.

Maybe he got cold feet in October when he briefly re-opened Pandora's box, but by then the public knew what Comey tried to keep secret: Hillary Clinton was a compromised individual who could gravely harm the nation if she, God forbid, ascended to the highest office.

He made the wrong choice too soon, though he must've known all along that whoever won the presidency was going to fire his lanky keister, making him the biggest loser.