Clinton Email Probe Not Going Away

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey said he’s not surprised that ex-Clinton staffer Bryan Pagliano was granted immunity for his testimony that could aid in expediting the Hillary Clinton email probe and the investigation overall.

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“He invoked his rights as he had every right to do under the Fifth Amendment when he was asked to testify in front of the House Committee -- and if the FBI and Justice Department want to talk to him, they are going to have to give him protection, and the protection is immunity from use of any of his statements and possibly even from blanket immunity from any prosecution,” he said.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Monday in an interview with Fox News that the Justice Department has no arbitrary deadlines for closing the email investigation.

“The presidential election is not exactly an arbitrary deadline,” Mukasey responded.

Meanwhile, FBI director James Comey told a House panel Tuesday that he’s “very close” to the investigation.

“What he said was that they were going to carry on the investigation thoroughly and he used a number of other adverbs -- but one of the adverbs he used was promptly. He’s not a man who chooses his words lightly and I think we will know what’s going to happen here sooner rather than later,” Mukasey stated.

He added: “Obviously to the extent the Democrats support Clinton they don’t want it to be prompt if the way it’s going to come out is with her on the wrong end of the V.”

If Comey were to recommend an indictment, Mukasey said it would be hard to keep quiet.

“I’m sure there are people who are inclined to view things her way both within the Justice Department and outside but if he recommends, and the Bureau recommends an indictment, it’s impossible to keep the lid on that.”

He also discussed what can be learned from Bryan Pagliano.

“We can learn what she said to him… We can also learn who he spoke to. We can learn in particular whether there were discussions of the nature of what was going to move over that server,” he said.

“He can also provide documentation if there is any, that’s part of what he would be able to offer,” Mukasey added.

He also said it’s in Pagliano’s best interest to tell everything he knows and to be truthful.

“He would be out of his mind not to volunteer everything because the only thing he has to lose is the possibility of being prosecuted for perjury or obstruction if he withholds information.”

Mukasey added this is a serious investigation and it’s not going away anytime soon.