China's economy has thrived from stealing US trade secrets: Kennedy

It's a Pinko party in Red China as the Communist Congress gathers in Beijing to grant fake free marketeering President Xi Jinping, another five year term. You thought our president was a blowhard, Xi prattled on and on for over three hours about China's greatness and how "socialism with Chinese characteristics" will change the world.

If there is anything great about the Chinese economy and their technology, it's because they've stolen all of our brilliant ideas and trade secrets from needy tech companies who cave to Chinese whims for market share.

Our country loses an estimated $600 billion a year through this blatant intellectual property theft, and every time Apple or Amazon caves to Beijing's demands and opens the front door to China's thieves it gives them an unfair advantage.

China has also been engaging in slimey espionage of everything from defense subcontractors to the space shuttle, and they are so desperate to get a leg up they're willing to amputate ours and glue it onto their own contracting economy.

President Xi claims to want free trade, and that is great and glorious if it's truly free. If its grubby Pinko fingers in our national cookie jar, their freedom is costing us way too much. We don't need to start a trade war and cripple our economy to teach them a lesson, but we should fortify our cyber security and American companies should grow a pair and stand up to phony baloney Chinese demands of compliance before we are fully castrated by statist robber barons.