CEO Behind Dakota Pipeline: Employment is Robust Thanks to the Building of Pipelines

Energy Transfer Equity Co-Founder & CEO Kelcy Warren said that President Trump is doing “extremely well” and is glad he approved the final permit to allow for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“The Dakota Pipeline…the second largest oil field in the United States is moving by rail…we’ve advanced past that….That pipeline in particular is very needed infrastructure and there’s much more that needs to be built in the United States as well,” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto.

Naysayers to the pipeline suggest that the jobs that are created from the pipeline will only be temporary, but Warren believes that the pipeline will be one of many projects for these workers.

“People are correct when they say that there’s not that many jobs after the project is complete, but you never stop. You are constantly building pipes and so these skilled workers, high paid skilled workers… mostly unions, some private, they are moving from job site to job site. So the employment is robust as a result of what we do.”

Warren also weighed in on how the decline of the coal industry benefited natural gas.

“We benefited greatly by this demonizing of coal,” he said. In his opinion, this was wrong and drove people to natural gas. “You’re not going to supply everybody’s needs with solar and wind,” he added.