Carson: Trump Could Destroy Obama's Legacy

There are reports that President Barack Obama is close to endorsing Hillary Clinton.  But would the President take the risk of making that endorsement if a potential indictment of Clinton was truly on the horizon?  Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson weighed in.

“Well, I think he [President Obama] has to take into consideration the fact that if Hillary gets in, his legacy will be protected and it will be enhanced,” Carson told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

On the other hand, “If Donald Trump gets in, his legacy will be destroyed.  So, believe me, he has a good reason to get behind her,” said Carson.

Bartiromo then pointed out that Hillary Clinton has said she will continue and build on much of President Obama’s policies such as ObamaCare as well as the Dodd-Frank legislation.

“And what that really means is a continuation of the pathway that we’re on.  75% of Americans believe we’re on the wrong pathway.  Do they want to continue down that wrong pathway?” Carson said.

Carson then pointed to history to support why he feels America is headed down the wrong pathway and needs to begin making changes soon.

“And again, history is a great instructor.  If we look back at other pinnacle nations and the things that happened to them before their fall you can see many of those things coming right now.  Why don’t we learn from those things and take corrective action before it occurs,” said Carson.