Carson on Trump Economic Plan: These are the Things That Really Concern the Americans

Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson weighed in on Trump’s speech laying out his economic plan in Detroit, Michigan.

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“I thought he did a masterful job, stayed on point, on topics, these are the things that really concern the American people.  Those are the reasons that he has so much traction with so many across the country.  And if he can stay with those issues I don’t think Hillary has anything that even comes close to being on par with this,” Carson told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne.

Carson viewed the key to America’s early and fast economic rise was to avoid a tax and regulatory environment that discouraged success.

“If we look back at America and you look at America’s heyday, how did we get to be the world economic power so quickly?  From our beginnings it took us less than 100 years to the pinnacle nation in the world in terms of the economy because we allowed people to do things, we did not dis-incentivize them.  And as a result of that our government did okay too because when the people are doing well they generate a lot of wealth and the government gets a percentage of that.  That’s a model that works extremely well. “

On the other hand Carson raised concerns that policies focused on higher taxes and greater reliance on the government would impede economic growth.

“It doesn’t work so well with socialism where you spend everything you can get until you run out of other people’s money.”

Carson then responded to politicians who focus on creating a divide between the rich and poor rather than supporting success through personal responsibility.

“Just remember Sal Alinsky said, ‘you must always keep class warfare on the front burner, because you’re always going to have more poor people than rich people and if you can create that resentment you will create a voter base,’ so that’s why they do it.”

Carson then stressed the importance of education for Americans’ future and the future of the country as a whole.

“It doesn’t matter what your background is, if you get a good education, you write your own ticket.  And that’s why it was emphasized so strongly by the founders of this nation who also said if we ever become uneducated and uninformed we’re going to change into something else because we’ll be easy to manipulate.  Well educated and informed people are very hard to manipulate.”