Carson: Democrats, Republicans Guilty of Leading Us Down the Wrong Path

Ahead of his speech at the Republican National Convention, former 2016 Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson joined the FOX Business Network’s Melissa Francis to discuss the U.S. economy.

“We the people are still in charge. But we may not be in charge if we don’t use the brain that God gave us and intelligently analyze what’s going on.  Also, I want people to recognize that it’s not about Democrats and Republicans -- it’s about Americans."

According to Pew research, from 2000 to 2014, the middle class shrank and incomes fell in 203 of the 229 U.S. metro areas examined including Amarillo, Texas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Grand Junction, Colorado.

Carson said there are many ways Trump could bolster the middle class if he were president, including the creation of a more business-friendly environment.

“We have regulatory burdens that are outlandish for a small manufacturer to comply with all the regulations that’s $34,000 a year per worker. It makes it untenable to be able to compete in the international market,” he said.

He also explained why Clinton’s proposed infrastructure spending and a focus on green energy won’t work.

“Two-thirds of the people in America will tell you we are on the wrong track; we are in the wrong direction.  And the third that thinks we are moving in the right direction are paying very close attention… quite frankly, both Democrats and Republicans have been guilty of leading us down this pathway,” he said.