Carrier Employee Has This to Say to Trump

Nearly two months before President-elect Donald Trump takes office  air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier (NYSE:UTX) announced it had reached an agreement with the incoming Trump administration to keep 1,000 jobs at its plant in Indiana. Previously, the company planned to shift to production in Mexico.  Carrier employee Robin Maynard said when he found out about his job moving south of the border, he was devastated.

“[I was]not sure what the future held and just, you know, was going to come to work every day and do my job until my job went away,” Maynard told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Maynard said he found out the news of the Trump-Carrier deal Tuesday night.

“My wife had given me a phone call, I was running around with a friend of mine and she called and said, ‘Hey, did you hear the news,’” he explained.

Maynard hoped to thank Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence in person when they visit Carrier’s facility in Indianapolis Thursday.

“I would like to get up and shake [Trump’s] hand and congratulate him and Mr. Pence on doing an excellent job and taking their time to, during the holidays even and out of their busy schedule, to go ahead and start talking with Carrier,” he said.

When asked if most of his colleagues voted for Trump in hopes he would help keep Carrier’s jobs here in America, Maynard responded that while he wasn’t sure how many people voted for the GOP nominee, he could see a lot of conversation on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) about people crossing party lines to vote Republican.

According to Maynard, many of his co-workers were unhappy with the direction of the country and the U.S. job market under the Obama Administration.

“I know a lot of people in the factory were tired with the current Administration and the direction our country was going and the direction our jobs were going,” he said.