Capitalism is better than Socialism: Kennedy

Last night's State of the Union address promised to unify, but one brief paragraph highlighted the political and philosophical divide that won't be bridged anytime soon. The president took direct aim at Socialism.

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The rising popularity of Socialism used to be an adorable fetish of the collective few like cranky Senator Bernie Sanders, who was obviously unamused at the president's declaration.

Bernie's brigade marched right through the Democrat party in 2016, and the red riders have never looked back as they've converted more commies on the one way road to ruin.

The Democrats have been torn as to how best repair the gaping hole in their big tent, as it's obvious the newly confident Socialists are determined to permanently hijack the proceedings from the centrists who've tried fruitlessly to pacify these adolescent utopians.

While Bernie smugly glared at the podium, reeking of authenticity and mothballs, Speaker Pelosi was caught clapping behind the safe shield of her secret crush who finally stood up to protect her wealth.

Everyone knows the empty ideas being pushed by these indulgent a-holes are utterly impossible to implement. From Medicare for all, which is a sad admission of Obamacare's colossal failure, to the leftist, poorly defined blob that is the green new deal, there is absolutely no way to cover the tab on these ambitious socialistic schemes that will murder the middle class.


Presidential parrots like Kamala Harris squawk the same predictable talking points over and over, "health care is a right!" first of all, no it's not; second, I have a *right* to know how you intend to pay for it. All it will do is prove once again the deficiencies of a Socialism that do nothing more than break promises to the vulnerable and create a larger, poorer dependent class of people who deserve the truth before they buy into the heartbreak of permanent destitution.

Capitalism is better than Socialism, it always will be and it's better to let the capitalists prove that axiom once and for all.