Canadian Parliament's Kellie Leitch, Like Trump, Calls for Screening of Immigrants

Canadian Parliament member and Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Kellie Leitch is calling for the screening of immigrants to Canada, despite much criticism.

“All I’m advocating for is that when you go back to what we used to do in this country, that we meet every immigrant coming to the country, have a face to face interview, and ask them about Canadian values. I don’t think that’s asking too much and two-thirds of Canadians, average Canadians, agree with me,” Leitch, who has been compared by some Canadian media outlets to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, told the FOX Business Network.

Leitch said the current government still has no plan regarding face-to-face interviews with immigrants, despite a report put forth by the country’s Senate 18 months ago.

Additionally, Leitch—who is also a medical doctor—said there are issues with access to quality care in the country.

“The average Canadian— seniors, individuals, that are working hard every day don’t have access to the care that they need,” she explained. “I think that there are some changes we can look to in the future and make sure Canadians get better health care quality.”