Californians fed up with high taxes: GOP candidate John Cox

California Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox told FOX Business that Democrats have put the state in fiscal turmoil.

“We need to get back to reality,” Cox said during an interview on FOX Business’ “The Evening Edit.” “The Democrats have made this the highest tax state in the country.”

Cox is blasting Democratic front-runner Gavin Newsom for promising the people of California that he’s going to double the state income tax, raise property taxes and defend the gas tax.

“[The gas tax] has pushed the price of gasoline over $4 a gallon, way more than our neighboring state,” he said. “I think the people of this state had enough.”

State and local governments now owe $1 trillion dollars in debt sparked by Democratic policies that include increases in taxes and rising in energy and housing cost as income inequality increases in California, according to the GOP.

“I think we got a lot of challenges here and the Democrats have only made it worse,” Cox said.

Nearly half of the residents in the Bay Area are fed up with the soaring cost of living with 46% saying they would pack their bags and leave the area soon, according to the Bay Area Council.

President Donald Trump has thrown his support behind the GOP businessman, saying in a tweet that Cox will make a “big difference” in “high tax, high crime California.”

“I’m honored to get the president’s endorsement because he’s a businessman who is trying to get results and he is getting results,” Cox said.

Voters in eight states are heading to the polls for primary elections, setting the stage for the midterm elections in November.