California should not be pulling away from our constitutional republic: Varney

Is California part of the United States? Of course it is. But it sure seems to be drifting away. And it is leftist politicians who are driving the rift.

Three examples:

One: The mayor of Oakland, Democrat Libby Schaaf, warned illegals that the immigration service would be conducting raids. She shielded illegal immigrants from the federal government. Not quite insurrection, but it’s certainly the open revolt of a state official against federal authority. You could argue that California, as a sanctuary state, is in revolt.

Second: Changes in California’s licensing policies for illegals. The state is making it much easier for them to vote. They are not supposed to, but the rules, and therefore the election itself, cannot be policed. And here's the real kicker: if illegals do vote and they are discovered, there is no penalty. None. Realize what that means? Presidential elections will be easy to infect with countless illegal votes.

Third: California's Democrat Party is heading way out to the left. Look what happened at the state convention: Sen. Dianne Feinstein, up for re-election, could not get the full support of the party. The left was upset about her limited support for illegals. That’s a real no-no in California.

This program has a very healthy audience in California. That suggests all is not entirely lost. It also suggests that there is a large body of opinion on the West Coast that is being shut out, stifled -- not good. Because a clash is coming over illegals and sanctuaries and voting. California should not be pulling away from our constitutional republic. All voices should be heard.