California is mounting a campaign of obstruction against Trump: Dobbs

The vast, national left-wing, nut media is ignoring an important story that is unfolding on the West Coast.

It is becoming increasingly clearer that the state of California has organized much of its state government and legal resources to mount a campaign of harassment and obstruction against the Trump administration.

The campaign appears to be led by a cable of left-wing politicos, fronted by none other than Gov. Jerry Brown. With the election of Kamala Harris to the U.S. Senate, long-time Rep. Xavier Becerra resigned his seat to be appointed attorney general by the governor.

Becerra today did what he's been doing since the election of President Donald Trump—filing a lawsuit against the administration and trying to block one of the president’s signature campaign promises: The border wall.

But this isn't the first action the Democratic attorney general has taken against this White House. In fact, California's new attorney general has filed more than two dozen lawsuits and legal briefs against the Trump administration. Among his targets are: DACA, the travel ban, re-districting and regulations on air quality and fuel standards, to name a few.

Becerra's efforts to frustrate the Trump agenda supported by the state's leftist Democratic legislature, which passed more than 10 so-called “resistance bills” this session.

Those bills offer protection for dreamers, call to censure President Trump, refuse to provide federal election officials voter data and, most notably, make California a sanctuary state -- a move that Attorney General Sessions calls "unconscionable."

All the while, California is also looking to increase its influence in the 2020 election, with lawmakers passing a bill moving its presidential primary from June to March.

California's efforts to this point demonstrate that California state officials, elected and otherwise, are intent on pushing their radical agenda through. And no one should doubt that efforts to push California toward secession will only be strengthened by the left, which may well have already taken all but full-control of the state.