California is a mess and not getting better: Dobbs

A few thoughts now on a state government out of control, intent on defying the Trump administration as it ignores its own citizens.

California's democratically dominated Senate and Assembly have passed a bill declaring California to be a sanctuary state; Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown says he'll sign it into law.

The bill bars police from asking about a person's immigration status and prohibits law enforcement from notifying U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when certain criminal illegal immigrants are released from jail.

But that's not the only step California lawmakers have taken to defy the Trump administration.

Lawmakers allocating $30 million to help dreamers stay in this country and attend college. And $45 million for illegal immigrants to hire attorneys to fight deportation.

The legislature also passed a measure calling on Congress to censure President Trump over his Charlottesville response, as well as bills protecting climate data from federal censorship and blocking presidential candidates from appearing on the ballot in 2020 unless they release five years of tax returns.

And the movement for the state to secede from the union is making a third run at secession, which has failed twice this year.

California is simply a mess, and not getting any better at all.