Buried in Law (9PM ET on FBN)

SILLY LAWS: Many laws are simply unnecessary. "The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance" author Kevin Underhill expands on things like the Washington State law that makes it illegal to kill a Sasquatch, and the Texas Obscenity Statute that prohibits the promotion of sex toys.

CRIMINAL LAWYERS: Lawyers defend child molesters...muggers...rapists. How do they live with themselves? Criminal defense lawyer Norman Reimer explains why he's proud to stand against the state.

LITIGATING FOR LIBERTY: Big Government often uses Big Law to step on the little guy. Luckily, lawyers like Scott Bullock of the Institute for Justice take cases for no fee when government infringes on individual freedom.

LEGAL CURES: I once assumed that lawyers would punish deceitful businesses. But then I watched them work. Lawsuits take forever and cost a fortune. Change.org offers a better idea. Jeninifer Dulski explains how the website's petitions help people without force.

WACKY WARNING LABELS: A printer ink toner warns users not to drink the ink. A football helmet warns customers, "don't play football..." We get stupid labels because manufacturers, rightly, fear lawsuits. But the labels don't help. Robert Dorigo Jones of Center for America explains, "anybody who makes a product is always looking over their shoulder for the next lawsuit.

MY TAKE: The American legal system is a giant vacuum that eats time and money. Years ago, I was sued by a Philadelphia dentist exposed for fraud. It took four years just to get me into court. I won in the end, and finally the man who sued me left his fancy apartment and went to jail. But in our legal system, even when you win, you lose. My legal costs were over a million dollars. The lawyers wasted months of people's lives.

In the free market, people constantly invent ways to do things faster, better, cheaper. But American law stays slow and stupid.

We need law, and lawyers, to keep the peace. But we should avoid using them.

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