Burgess Owens: BET agenda fueling NFL national anthem protests

Though NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he believes everyone should stand for the national anthem, team owners have chosen not to implement a ruling forcing players to do so. Former NFL safety Burgess Owens weighed in on the debate, saying that although the players genuinely believe in what they’re doing, BET is largely to blame.

“Why is it they believe this? It’s because we have a Black Entertainment Television network that’s pushing this anti-American, anti-flag, anti-white scenario and this has been on purpose guys – 15 years we’ve been hearing this,” Owens said on the FOX Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”

According to Owens, BET’s agenda has influenced the players, telling Maria Bartiromo, “So these kids coming out, they truly do not believe in our country, think everything’s gone wrong. There are people right now listening to BET that still do not know that ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ it was a lie. [They] still don’t know that, because they’ve not been told the truth.”

Former NFL linebacker Colin Allred disagreed with Owens’ comments on BET and the liberal media’s influence, however, saying, “I think that the Black players feel like they…have been ignored by both Democrats and Republicans and they’re trying to get a message out there.”