Buffett vs. Trump: Billionaire Battle

Warren Buffett told investors Trump’s the wrong choice to lead America  pointing to some of his failed business ventures.

Buffett made those remarks during a rally for Hillary Clinton on his home turf in Omaha Monday.

Today, for the first time, Trump responded to Buffett’s comments.

“I don’t care much about Warren Buffett, you know I had a public company, it was based in Atlantic City, the numbers, and if you look at Atlantic City, Atlantic City was run down the tubes and you look at everything that happened in Atlantic City, they’re all bad,” Trump told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

While acknowledging Buffett’s longtime support of Hillary, he also took a swipe at her.

“Look, Warren Buffett, he’s a Democrat, he’s been a Hillary fan for a long time and I think that’s fine.  Hillary’s a disaster, she lied over the weekend to Fox,” Trump continued, “you just heard the FBI Director say she lied and she said ‘no, she didn’t, he didn’t say that,’ and it was a total lie.”

Along with raising concerns about her character, Trump also criticized her tax plan.

“Hillary’s going to raise taxes very, very substantially, she’s going to have one of the biggest tax increases ever. And I’m doing the biggest tax decrease, so of all of the people running, including Republicans and Democrats, mine is the biggest.  We’re bringing rates down to 15%, we’re bringing them even lower for individuals and of everybody running we have the biggest.  We’re going to spur growth, tremendous growth.”

Trump is promising to boost U.S. GDP to the 4% level.