Budget and debt ceiling can be addressed along with tax reform: Treasury's Tony Sayegh

After failed attempts to get health care through the Senate, the GOP is turning to tax reform, but according to Tony Sayegh, assistant secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Treasury, additional policies can also be tackled.

“You can have legislation crafted by the committees of jurisdiction coming kind of in early September, moving through the House and the Senate through October bringing it to November, and at that time you’re also going to have the opportunity in Congress to address the debt ceiling, to address the budget,” he told FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Sayegh says the Republicans are committed to getting tax reform done and that the administration weclomes support from the Democrats but they need to have the "political will".

“Democrats are going to have to make a political calculation whether they want to help this president and Secretary Mnuchin grow the economy,” he said. “I mean this tax reform plan Stuart, does something the Democrats have said they’ve wanted to do for a longtime, which is bring real relief to middle-income families and scrap the tax code, get rid of the special interest loopholes and deductions that they’ve been decrying for decades.”

When asked by Varney whether the president will go out to sell tax reform to the American people in August, Sayegh replied: “Absolutely Stuart, 100%. Secretary Mnuchin said yesterday the president will go out and sell tax reform. He ran on this issue largely, it’s part of his economic agenda…this is a large reason he won the presidency, I think he believes in it very strongly.”