Brexit could be significantly watered down following 'disastrous general election': Farage

Nigel Farage, Fox News contributor and former UK Independence Party Leader, on Tuesday said that the Brexit movement has taken a considerable hit following the “disastrous general election,” in the United Kingdom, where Prime Minster Theresa May’s Conservative Party fell eight seats short of the majority.

“There is now talk of a significant watering down to what’s called a ‘soft Brexit,’ which sounds all very jolly and lovely. Are we going to leave the European Union? Yes, of course we are. Will we leave the Treaty of Rome? Yes, of course we will. But there is a real possibility now that we’ll finish up in two years time still paying the money, still having their courts having a say, still having their laws, and maybe even open, free movement borders,” said Farage during an interview on the FOX Business Network.

He added, “I felt this time last year we climbed a mountain, I feel we’re halfway back down there again.”

Farage also called Sen. John McCain a member of the “bitter and twisted club,” after the Arizona Republican Senator said former President Obama had more American leadership than President Trump during an interview on Sunday with the Guardian.

“Even if Donald Trump was able to produce a few fish and a few loaves and feed the 5-thousand, I think Sen. McCain would still criticize him,” said Farage. “I have to say that I now disregard virtually everything that man says. There is no doubt that after that nine day tour that Trump took, and in particular the speech in Riyadh, that he has now established himself overseas as a man of some considerable measure.”