Brexit causing political chaos in UK: Varney

Two questions about Europe and America: Why would the Brits want to stay in a Europe that is falling apart? It’s a sinking ship, why jump back on board, as some in Britain reportedly want?

And why are Democrats still pushing to make America more like Europe?  It is a sinking socialist ship. Why abandon successful capitalism?

You have to shake your head when you see what's going on over there.

In Britain: total political chaos. Nobody knows whether the Brits will leave the European Union, or on what terms, or whether they will end up staying. Top judges in Europe say: you can stay in if you like. Brexit can be canceled! No penalty!  What a mess. The "stay" people took to the streets in large numbers over the weekend. They are scared of the disruption that leaving the EU would create.

But haven't they seen what's going on across the English Channel? Another financial crisis. Italy this time, much bigger than Greece. The German economy is leading the whole continent toward recession. And the riots in France, and now Belgium, demonstrate the sharp edge of chaos. I repeat: socialism is not sustainable, and that is what's causing Europe’s slide.

Next question: what's with America’s socialists? Why do they want to bring European chaos here? Answer: they don't care about prosperity. They care about power. They will drone on about inequality and gin up the jealousy factor: they're always angry. "Tax the rich" is their mantra, and that’s exactly what the rioters in Paris have been saying over the weekend.

At the heart of the turmoil is the collapse of European socialism. With open borders and slumping economies, the writing is on the wall: you can't go on like this. It’s time for moderate Democrats here to stand up and retreat from their own left wing.