'Braveheart' Actor Brian Cox: Brexit Appealed to Fear

Many British celebrities have spoken out following Thursday’s vote to leave the European Union.

Hollywood actor Brian Cox, who starred in ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Troy,’ joined the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne to discuss why he was with the ‘stay’ crowd.

“What seems to be at work is some kind of opportunism in the worst kind of order, and playing on people’s fears, and playing on a real problem that’s been in this country for some time -- a disaffected minority,” he said.

Cox said he believes the ‘leave’ campaign has no real plan moving forward.

“I think there are very strong reasons for going out, and equally I think there are strong reasons for going in, but the way the whole thing has been conducted is appealing to fear. It’s kind of interesting what’s actually happened. The following day I think people were quite stunned,” he said.

Cox also drew similarities between Brexit and the Scottish independence referendum, which was rejected in 2014. Cox said in both cases the UK was divided by age and socioeconomic status.

“I think that we underestimate the power of the older people who are quite frankly fed up with the situation. The Labour Party is in total disarray at the moment and the Labour Party is supposed to be the party of the workers, but they’ve lost contact almost completely, and we’re seeing the result of it,” he said.