Rep. Boebert takes trip to 'absolutely devastating' border with Trump, says Biden’s policies to blame

Colorado congresswoman says what she witnessed at border was 'absolutely devastating'

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., joined "Mornings with Maria," to discuss her visit to the border with former President Trump and said the Biden administration’s immigration policies are encouraging the migrant surge. 

REP. LAUREN BOEBERT: Every time I go down to the border, I just see how much of a crisis this truly is and how much of a humanitarian crisis this is. I went to the border with President Trump, unlike Kamala Harris, who only went to El Paso to refuel her jet on her way to California. I went to the border with President Trump to address the issues that are taking place. 

Maria, what I saw at the border was absolutely devastating. I saw children walking to find Border Patrol agents so they can turn themselves in, children who had been on this journey alone for weeks, children who have found other children on their journey, unaccompanied minors being found alone, who have been abandoned and then apprehended by other children. 

It is absolutely devastating. Maria, as a mother of four boys, I could not imagine sending any of my children on this journey in the hands of the cartel and at the risk of their own lives. This administration and their policies are encouraging this surge.