Billionaire Donor Backs Trump With Six-Figure Check

The Donald Trump campaign has reportedly been at odds with raising money from top billionaire donors as the general election approaches.

But one donor has committed to backing the presumptive Republican nominee by writing a six-figure check.

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast, Hubbard Broadcasting CEO Stanley Hubbard explained why he is supporting Trump for president.

“Whether I like Donald Trump or not, he is the only choice I have and I am realist. I have to go with the best choice. I think he’d pick a good Supreme Court justice. I think he’ll get rid of a lot of regulations, throw out of a lot of the nonsense and I have to stand by him and do what I can to help him,” Hubbard told host Charles Payne.

The media mogul says that by voting for Hillary Clinton, he would be voting for someone who will steer the country into the wrong direction with more regulations that will slow down the economy.

“This is 2016 and these are big decisions. We have to go with a person who will do the best job for us. And I tell you, Trump may turn out be a great surprise in a positive way,” Hubbard said.

One of Trump’s challenges throughout the election campaign has been securing additional big money donors. Hubbard said he’s been persuading some donors to board the Trump train by asking who’s going to select the next Supreme Court justice and which candidate will reduce the piles of regulations that currently exist.

Hubbard suggests Trump should not sit back and assume he doesn’t have to push for additional donors and support.

“Television will decide the election and the person who has the money gets the most television time. Simple as that,” Hubbard said.