Bill Richardson 'Old Friends' With Podesta Despite Email Dis

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta used some not-so-nice words to describe former Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) in an email released by WikiLeaks.

The former governor, who also served as Energy Secretary under Bill Clinton, joined the FOX Business Network to weigh in.

“I popped up in a very insignificant way. John Podesta mentioned that Hillary Clinton should call me for an endorsement and he referred to me as a ‘needy Latino.’ And I’ve said to you and to many of your viewers most politicians are needy, but that’s inconsequential. I think right now, these are the closing arguments. It sounds like the Republicans and Trump—they’re bringing all this personal, this negative stuff because they have no vision and their ground game is weak,” he explained.

Richardson says he has heard from the campaign since the email was leaked to the public and still supports Clinton, adding that instead of fixating on WikiLeaks, the focus should be on the issues facing Americans.

“I want the issues to come out the last three days, that’s all I want,” Richardson said. “And I think the ground game of Hillary is going to win this thing. And Trump is desperate and the Republicans are desperate.”