Bill Clinton fails to take responsibility for Lewinski scandal: Kennedy

Bill Clinton got squeezed so hard in that “Today Show” interview, the anchor was almost covered in Bubba's rage froth! The former president agreed the #MeToo movement is overdue, but boy does he got hot under that Arkansas cotton collar when things hit too close to home, which is not the White House. Because Hillary lost.

When Craig Melvin asked if Mr. Hillary apologized to Monica Lewinsky for the blue dress express, he went on some idiotic tirade about leaving the White House without a penny to their name.

But that was before he made a few hundred million loading up the corrupt silos at the sham Clinton Foundation. To Monica, the dress was blue. To Bill, it was solid gold.

But did he apologize? Which makes it not really an apology, you slurring, angry, word-splitting weirdo!

Part of the reason Hillary lost, in addition to her unparalleled unlikability, was her world class hypocrisy. She thought she'd ride the lady train to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because every woman is obligated to proclaim, "I'm with her!", and every survivor of sexual assault has the right to be believed. Unless they were assaulted by her husband, then they can share a special place in hell with women who don't vote for boobs in a back brace.

Monica Lewinsky has taken stock in her life and taken responsibility. I guess that's too much to ask for the most powerful man in the world who abused that power and now takes the opportunity to rationalize and mansplain how every woman should be so lucky to hold his cigar.