Bikers for Trump clash with anti-Trump protesters in Portland

Tempers flared Sunday as opponents and supporters of President Trump faced off at dueling political rallies in Portland, Oregon.

The leader of Bikers for Trump, a band of pro-Trump motorcycle enthusiasts, said he witnessed anti-Trump demonstrators with knives and other weapons.

“They [law enforcement] seized bricks that were broken in half that people were throwing into the crowd, bottles, they had fireworks, sling shots, pepper spray and big knives and machetes,” Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

The motorcycle group’s leader said the group's members were in Oregon's largest city as a “defense force” against the anti-Trump protesters who he said heavily outnumbered Trump supporters.

“We are on the defensive. We are not on the offensive and we want to see that these Trump supporters are there and that they can assemble peacefully and they can express their feelings for Donald Trump,” Cox said.

Cox explained that while his group was outnumbered by almost 15-to-1, Bikers for Trump were ready to stand their ground against protesters who infiltrated different groups and made their way into the crowds.

“When they take a look at the guys that we’ve got standing there, on guard, ready to act and spring into action, they certainly weren’t going to stand up to our guys. They never do,” he said.