Big Coal's 6-Point Plan For Donald Trump

With President-elect Trump set to take office on January 20, coal miners are hoping to see a resurgence in their businesses.

During his campaign for the Oval Office, Trump promised to help the industry, which has struggled in recent years due partly to energy regulations implemented by the Obama administration.

Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, recommended a series of proposals for the Trump administration designed to alleviate regulations on the American coal industry, ranging from eliminating rule writers at the Environmental Protection Agency to appointing a new Supreme Court justice.

“Most importantly, eliminate subsidies for windmills and solar panels and all of the pay-to-play billionaires in California who have been living off of the taxpayer. This was not only a victory for our coal miners, this was a victory for all Americans,” said Murray, who added that he is for “all [types of] energy” as long as there is a “level playing field.”

The coal executive said he received a call from the President-elect, who wanted to pass along his support to the miners.

“He has the courage, the passion and the commitment and we hope he will follow through on every commitment he made on the campaign trail to bring America back,” Murray said.

Additionally, Murray called global warming a “hoax” and stated that Trump must eliminate the Paris Agreement, which was negotiated at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP21.