Big changes in the judiciary are a quiet, but far-reaching Trump win: Varney

A growing economy. A huge stock market rally. ISIS beaten on the ground. “Rocket Man” confronted. These are all Trump successes.

Add one more: Big changes in the judiciary. For conservatives, this may be the most far reaching of all the president's initiatives. Justice Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court, but there's a lot more going on.

In his first nine months this president has named 58 judges to the federal bench. More than twice as many as President Obama in the same period. The Senate changed the rules to get them in, and there's maybe another 100 to come next year—they are packing them in!

Wait, there's a lot more. The Federalist Society is urging the president to create a "minimum" of 260 brand new judicial positions. That’s packing the courts. That would expand the number of federal judges by one third, all of them chosen by President Trump.

That would be a monumental shift.

The nominees the president has already selected are noticeable young. That means, they stay on the bench for decades to come.

Think about this: After years of drift to the left, the courts are on the middle of a reboot, with conservatives and the Constitution in the driver’s seat.

Chalk this up as a quiet, but far reaching, Trump win!