Biden gas price fix a 'temporary Band-Aid': Rep. Steube

Biden tapping into Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gas prices

Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., blasted President Biden's policy move that aims to fix U.S. gas prices on "Mornings with Maria" Wednesday, claiming it's only a "temporary Band-Aid" to release three days' worth of oil.

REP. GREG STEUBE: One of the most basic pieces of information that you think the energy secretary would know, which shows you that she absolutely doesn't care. And this is a strategic failure by the Biden administration.

They're the ones that shut down domestic production of oil. They're the ones that have shut down our own pipelines. And now they're begging OPEC to open up production and increase production to lower the gas prices that we're experiencing here in the United States, all because of the decisions that they've made.

And now a temporary Band-Aid of 50 million barrels of oil, that's only three days' worth of gas to America. Three days. That's only a temporary fix… What we're experiencing here, you're going to continue to see inflation. You're going to continue to see skyrocketing prices of oil and gas. It is all because of the decisions this administration has made.