Biden administration, US corporations tougher on Georgia than China

Bongino: 'When it comes to holding China accountable...we hear nothing from Joe Biden'

Dan Bongino and Steven Mosher discussed human rights violations in China on "Watters’ World" Saturday, noting that the Biden Administration and corporations like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines criticize Georgia for its new election law, but give the Chinese Communist Party a pass.  

DAN BONGINO: The President [is] attacking the Georgia election law and praising businesses who are doing something to fight back against it. But when it comes to holding China accountable for all their lies over the Pandemic, we hear nothing from Joe Biden. 

When it comes to the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, the Biden Administration says the U.S. has "no plans to boycott," But the number of companies coming out against the Georgia election law is growing. And one of the biggest critics, Coca-Cola, is even an Olympic partner. Delta’s CEO condemned the legislation, but the company calls itself "the most China-friendly U.S. airline." 

STEVEN MOSHER: It’s just sickening the way the world is not paying nearly enough attention to what’s going on in China. The human rights situation…is the worst that it has been in 40 years. And I say that as someone who back in 1980, I was in the operating room when they were forcibly aborting and sterilizing Chinese women under the One Child policy. 

Now, they’re forcibly aborting and sterilizing Uyghur women, Turkish speaking minority in the far west of China. But it’s not just that…we have reeducation camps for Christian, secret camps where they’re told they have no other god than Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. We have churches being turned into brainwashing centers – they call them Civilization Practice Sessions for the New Era – that’s just another term for "brainwashing center." We have forced organ harvesting of the Falun Gong Buddhist, peaceful Buddhist who don’t do anything. They don’t want to overturn the government, they don’t want to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party. They’re being arrested and harvested for their organs. It’s kind of like human sacrifice, but instead of just ripping the beating heart out of the chest of someone and offering it to the Sun God, you actually sell it on the open market for $125,000.